About Us

North East Region Housing Finance Company Ltd (NERHOFIC) is a public limited company registered as a Housing Finance Company (HFC) with the National Housing Bank (NHB).

The company has been promoted by the promoters of North East Region Finservices Ltd (NEREFS), which is a leading Micro Finance company in the North East. NEREFS has been successfully dealing in Micro Finance loans, Business loans, Personal loans and Consumer loans since 2004.

The promoters realized the potential in Housing Finance and guided by the Directors’ ideology of working with the lower income group, started the North East Region Housing Finance Company Ltd (NERHOFIC).

The expertise developed by the Promoters in Financial services in general and Micro Finance in particular has helped the promoters to establish the basic infrastructure and brand name for launching the Housing Finance business in the North East Region.

NERHOFIC has strategically chosen Housing Finance as its core activity and would be working mainly in the hilly states of North East and Uttaranchal. The Directors as well as all the staff of the Company belong to the Hilly region and the Company has experience of working in mountainous regions. NERHOFIC therefore, would like to capitalize on its past experience and expand its operations in hills states, although its Head Office will continue to be based in New Delhi.

NERHOFIC has embarked upon an ambitious growth plan, financed by the Promoter’s equity contribution along with debt funding from various banks / financial institutions.